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IM-6 Graphite have a moderate fast action with a full Flex with a beautiful Translucent Golden Brown finish


three piece fl rods
Length Line Weight Price Purchase
5'-8" 0 $275.00
5'-8" 1 $275.00
5'-8" 2 $275.00
5'-8" 3 $275.00
5'-8" 4 $275.00
6'-10" 3 $275.00
6'-10" 4 $275.00
6'-10" 5 $275.00
6'-10" 6 $275.00
Four Piece Fly Rods
Length Line Weight Price Purchase
6'-0" 2 $275.00
6'-6" 2 $275.00
7'-0" 2 $275.00
7'-6" 0 $285.00
7'-6" 1 $285.00
7'-6" 2 $285.00
7'-6" 3 $285.00
7'-6" 4 $285.00
9'-0" 3 $295.00
9'-0" 4 $295.00
9'-0" 5 $295.00
9'-0" 6 $295.00
Extras Parts
Part Description Price Purchase
Extra Tip Match Custom Built Fly Rod $30.00
Warranty: If for any reason you need us to repair a Custom Rod, please ship it to us and include $25.00 for postage & handling. We will repair and ship it back to you, no questions asked. Abuse and shutting in the car door or similar damage is now covered with the $25.00.

blank rods and custom kits

About our Custom Flyrods.
RDP rods are an IM6 Translucent Golden Brown blank.
The snake eyes are stainless steel and the finish can be chrome, gold or black.

I use a Densiwood Walnut or Rosewood insert with either chrome, gold or black reel seat. I do have several types of woods available with an extra charge. The Densiwood is a resin impregnated wood that provides exceptional resistance to temperature and moisture. The all wood inserts can crack and expand after being wet. These will not!!!

I’ve got a huge number of thread colors available for the wraps! Take a look at the Prowrap theads and dream something up. I personalize each rod with your name or what ever you want on the rod within reason. Most custom rod builders charge you extra. I don’t!!

Please keep in mind that if you want something different than what I’ve listed just below email me and I’ll try and help you!!

I also use other makers blanks. I purchase the blanks or you can buy the blanks and send it to me and I will build you a rod for $100.00 over the cost of the blank.

There is a $30.00 up charge for Silver Nickel reel seats.
$7.00 shipping to lower 48 states.
No tax charged. Shipping to Canada is $20.00.
Everywhere else in the world is $25.00.  For all other parts order add $7.00 shipping fee. 




I do have other wood reel seat inserts available for an extra cost. Email me for a quote.
rod colors


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